Another novel lost to the sea?

Another novel lost to the sea?

Welcome to my scribblings in the virtual sand. Funny thing about writing in sand, it doesn’t last long. Neither does most of the scribbling anyone does on paper or in electrons. Except for a miniscule percentage of past writing — Homer, Moses, Confucius, Euripides, and Josephus have had a pretty good run — it gets washed out with the tides of time. Books tend to migrate to the back shelves, then to library sales, and finally become compost.

The fate of these words will be the same. I confess to fantasizing that, after some kind of environmental or military apocalypse, all writings of the current age will have been destroyed. Some archaeologist will stumble on something I wrote and judge our entire culture on those findings. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

All told, this is my fifth blog of one sort or another. You might think that’s somewhat self-indulgent, and you might be right. But I like writing, so there you are.

Of the other blogs, one I’ve passed on to others, one to which I regularly contributed has gone on hiatus, and one is quiescent. This nascent series and one other, Limping in the Light, are alive and, well, well.

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God bless you…

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