Thousands of words

No time this week to devote to a fully developed article.

This excuse might wear on some nerves – I’ve used it more than my share of times – but it can’t be helped. If you knew my situation, I’m certain you would agree. Nevertheless, I’ve made a pact with myself and my readers to put something out here every other week (and on LITL on the in-between weeks). Rather than shortchange you, I’m publishing a longer one than usual… if you buy into the maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words.

ParkFailFor reasons I won’t get into, I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals lately. Based on the way people park in those places, you’d think they were hospitals for antisocial morons. This is just a small sample. There were many, many more examples. A hospital? Come on, folks! As tempting as it is, I would never key a car. But it’s hard to suppress the hope that someone will.

This is my new hero.

This is my new hero, unicycling the San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara, CA.

I went inside, but there was nothing apply in there - no pie, no turnovers, nothing.

I went inside, but there was nothing apply in there – no apply pie, no turnovers, nothing. Oh, the scourge of ambiguity!

Finally, the power of calf's leg oil in a shampoo. What a country we live in!

Finally, the power of cattle leg oil in a shampoo. What a great country we live in!

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