Silly Pictures with Rick

Did anyone notice I blew off last week’s post? I thought not. Here’s what I’ve been up to these days:

  1. Finishing up my second novel, to be entitled “A Song in the Storm”.
  2. Prepping for the annual trivia game to raise money for Haitian entrepreneurs.
  3. Gearing up for my annual bike ride to raise funds to fight MS.

More on all those in later posts. For now, to save more time…

It’s time for Silly Pictures with Rick, the part of the show where Rick shows some silly pictures. (Apologies to Larry the Cucumber.)


Here’s a deal that only looks good after you’ve had the two drinks.


CPR: The perfect name for an emergency toilet.


Living in the past. Cadillac SUV? Playboy??? Does this guy know it’s 2017? Does he care?

Your turn...

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