It happens every spring*

Every spring, my schedule gets too busy to maintain my typical blog schedule. The tasks that occupy my time are, not surprisingly, more important than my self-aggrandizing blog. This is the time of year I shamelessly beg for two of my favorite causes.

On April 6, 2018, I’ll be hosting a fundraiser to benefit an organization called Servants for Haiti, which is doing the right kind of work in the impoverished nation. All money will go to Biznis Pam, a small business training program for Haitian entrepreneurs, funded by SFH but administered entirely by Haitian nationals.

More information about Trivia Night can be found here.

On a recent trip to Haiti, I bought some supplies at this small store begun by a graduate of the Biznis Pam program. SFH is making a difference!

The other worthwhile event is a cycling fundraiser to fight Multiple Sclerosis. The idea is simple: I ride my bike 30 miles or so and you donate money to the National MS Society to help people suffering from the effects of MS. Simple, huh? But powerful, too.

To support my ride, visit my support page here. Or you can support my whole team, the Vineyard Square Wheelers by clicking on the team name.

Thank you for considering supporting these events. Please feel free to ask me anything you want about either one.

* Rabid movie and baseball and especially baseball movie fans will recognize this post shares a title with a classic, if rather cheesy but still great, movie about baseball starring Ray Milland. Watch it on opening day!

4 thoughts on “It happens every spring*

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  2. Hi Rick…good to see you last night at Nancy Feehrers book launch party! It was pretty noisy and hard to converse! Feel badly that I momentarily forgot that ,of course, I had read your later book about Calandra! My memory isn’t what it used to be, but as I was going to bed, I remembered details of the book, which I had enjoyed. Especially the Lucca setting, the love story and music!
    Was thinking if you are a cyclist, you might write about that sometime!
    All the best, Barbara Feehrer

    • Great to see you, too, Barbara. And a fine and worthy celebration I was glad to be part of. Surprisingly, in spite of the din of the crowds, I heard pretty much everything you said. That’s rare for me these days.

      Thanx for your kind words about the book. By coincidence, if you looked out the front window of the restaurant last night, you would have seen a restaurant called “Lucca” across the street. Made me anxious to return to one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen, a prime inspiration for “A Song in the Storm”.

      I empathize with you about remembering what we’ve read. I keep a list of the books I’ve read just so I can remember their names and authors. The good news about the poor memory is that I can read a book multiple times as if it were the first. ūüôā

      A book related to cycling is an intriguing idea. If I can think of a reasonable storyline, I might just do it, even if it’s only a short. Thanx for the suggestion!

    • I know it’s been a year and a half since you wrote this comment, Barbara, but I just had to tell you: I have indeed written a book where cycling is a major theme. In fact, I’ve written four books about it! Another friend suggested a series of books for younger readers where the protagonist rides from town to town helping people. I took his suggestion to heart and the end result is “The Endless Cycle”, a four book series for middle-grade readers. ( see ) You might have already heard about it from Nancy, but when I happened across this note today, I had to respond. I hope you are well!

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