Separated at birth?

It seems to be the Season of the Blowhard. Look who’s grabbing headlines on the sports page and the front page:

RexRyan Trump






On the one hand, we have Rex Ryan. Erstwhile failure coach of the New York Jets, subsequently hired by a rival team in the AFC East. Now he’s the failure coach of the Buffalo Bills. Why would the Bills hire this guy who is a proven failure? Because he sells tickets and that’s what the game is all about – not wins and losses but dollars and cents. Ownership knew he’d publicly obsess over trying to beat the Patriots, rant and rave about how it’s someone else’s fault when they lose, and generally be quotable. If they’re lucky, there will be some foot fetish humor thrown in for good measure. He doesn’t have to be a success as a coach as long as he’s a media celebrity.

Sure enough, Ryan has gotten plenty of coverage in the sports pages, though precious little success on the field. Six weeks into the season and his players are already rebelling, questioning his coaching. In his absence, the New York Jets are having their best start in years. Coincidence? Yeah, right.

Then there’s The Donald. Nobody in their right mind could possibly want this clown representing the USA to the world. His candidacy is a joke. He’ll say or do something stupid and implode as all joke candidates do. Then it’s feast time for political pundits, talking heads, and editorial cartoonists and the scrap heap for Kombover King.

It’s happened before. Poor Howard Dean got bounced just for screaming, “yeeaahhh!” Who remembers 1988? Gary Hart’s libido and his aptly named boat, “Monkey Business” sank his quest for the presidency. That same year, Pat Robertson finished in front of George H. W. Bush in the Iowa caucuses. Everyone thought he was a serious candidate. He wasn’t. Neither is Trump.

As far as I can tell, Ryan and Trump are twins separated at birth (16 years apart). There’s no “there” there. Their value is purely as entertainment, which works great since that’s what most news is these days. All it takes is a buffoon or other freak frothing at the mouth and the video truck will cling to them like a remora, waiting for a juicy news bite.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen those two together. Hmmmm…

3 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. I’ve always suspected that the RNC basically hired The Donald to be a candidate in order to spice up a normally Republican snooze-fest. It’s a win-win for both, as the RNC pries eyeballs and media attention away from the Democrats, and The Donald gets more attention to build-up his brand. So far, it’s working far better than anyone imagined, and that’s the truly scary part. It’s turned an election process into a reality TV freak-show. Maybe their next primary will strand all the candidates on an island to be voted off every week?

    On the other hand, watching Rex and the Bills implode is true entertainment. ūüėČ

    • I think you’ve hit the combover on the head. This is reality (i.e. fantasy) TV. “Survivor: Election” See who’s voted off the campaign trail. The election is certainly covered that way. Trump’s core competency is self-promotion. He’s in his element in this one.

      Good insight, Bruce!

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